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    aint goona happen

    there is no way in hell Texaas A&M will agree to go into a four team pod with Texass. the obvious alignment for OU will be with Texass, Missouri, and Arkansass. book it.
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    fire the ump

    the strike zone for the aggies was, its a strike if the ball doesn't hit the screen or the dirt. down the middle at the belt was just as often a ball as a strike for the sooner pitchers. just as egregious as the zebraing that stole the football game from the Sooners, against Silo Tech. LR left...
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    no doubt that philly got the best draft. because they didn't have to use a pick on a guaranteed major contributor. brooks not getting drafted is a joke.
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    that 20 foot center that st bonnie has tipped in 5 rebounds where no one attempted to block him out. that was the game, right there. the sooners haven't had a big center since king. they've had a couple of good ones, ie blake and spangler, but they were midgets, being towered over by at least...
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    bad, bad, bad move

    kennedy tucker changed the game with her dumbass behind the back move into 3 400 pounders. no where to go. lost the ball. baylor goes on an 18- 4 run. game changing goof.
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    Oklahoma guard transfers to Texas Tech

    she was horrible. never understood why she got playing time or even why sherri recruited her. the only key shot she ever made was against the sooners last week
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    should be a big deal

    although the feat has been completely ignored, patti has passed 1500 career wins, nearing 1400 at ou, and about 3 and 1/3 seasons away from being the all time leader in wins.
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    a lot like the florida epic

    for softball fans, u should check out the you tube replay of the 13 tennessee game one. it is beyond cool.
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    ripped off at Salt Lake City.

    the floor scores for Carly Woodard on the floor and Audrey Davis on the beam were the worst examples of home town scoring ever. as bad as the Liz Scott 5th foul call in the Baylor bball game. and thats a high bar.
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    women's gymnastics

    could be another awesome year for Coach Kindler. Very young team, but beyond very talented. Plus a lot of experience, especially when Troutman gets healthy. Woodard, a beam specialist, looked great on the floor. Stern is able to do well in all disciplines. It looks all good. They are more...
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    This NIL stuff...

    regrettably, and i have forever been in favor of something like NIL, but the texass thing has completely changed my mind. a 10 million donor pool to buy players is so far off the rail that i side with the right wingers like saban and swinney now. i hate it, but this will be the end of a lot of...
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    you tube tv dropped all espn channels, and FS1 and 2

    who all moved from you tube tv to sling or hulu, yesterday? if not, the only sooner basketball u can get, both men and women's, will have to be on the 3 major networks. unless u have at&t, with the bally option. and if u have at&t anything, u dont like money.
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    Sooners Natty

    certainly not annoyed. its all in fun