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    Caleb Williams 2.0 !!!

    Caleb just needs to step up and tell everyone where he is going instead of wallowing in the what ifs and the notoriety. Everyone knows he is going for the NIL money and Riley. I don’t blame him and wish him great success. All the Caleb hero worshippers need to pull their heads out of his butt...
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    Money Chase

    It is all about the money. Caleb will go to USC because of Riley but mainly because he can probably get a few million in endorsements in Cali. He is tremendous but he is going to USC where their recruiting ranking for this year varies from #59 to as high as #109 and 7 recruits committed. It...
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    National championdhip

    Oh I totally agree. I remember Schnelloenburger, Gomer Jones, and Blake. We will rebound but our immediate hit with current players leaving and recruits changing their minds will be hard to navigate. You can’t blame Riley for leaving when he gets 110 mil, both his houses bought for $500,000...
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    National championdhip

    Does anyone really believe Riley got a call from USC immediately after the OSU game with an offer he couldn’t refuse? The smell test makes me believe it was a done deal weeks ago which kind of coincides with the lackluster and inconsistent coaching and playing the last 4 games not to mention...
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    National championdhip

    Just finished the game and compelling thoughts. Do we actually have a special teams coach or is it an assistant line coach that says”go get ‘em” and hopes for the best. On another note, If the QB is on the ground and there are 4 big boys standing there to pick him up, either they dont have a...
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    National championdhip

    My family has had season tickets since 1956 when my cousin played right tackle for Bud Wilkinson. So I have seen all the good, bad, and ugly through the years. It seems that Riley and Stoops have a common thread in their DNA. They along with their coaches and players seem to be unprepared for...