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    Sunday reflections

    Guys, give me your reflections on how Oklahoma performed Saturday against TCU, and your thoughts on the season so far — QB, defense, running game, Brkic, the whole thing. I’ll write something on your responses for the website.
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    Dindy returning for Nebraska?

    Good question. That was his original visit date and I believe I got some bad information. He took his official last week.
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    Let’s hear your thoughts after Week 1!

    Overrated? Slow start? Trouble brewing? The Sooners are now prepping for Western Carolina (which means Nebraska), but you have thoughts about the Tulane game, surely?
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    it was odd to watch
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    Oklahoma WR Theo Wease Suffers Injury in Practice
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    Oklahoma Releases 2021 Depth Chart

    There are definitely some surprises on here. Wow.
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    Report: Oklahoma Running Back Tre Bradford Re-Enters the Transfer Portal

    Smiles I know what you're saying. But I'm not sure that's how the coaching staff feels. Lincoln today said he was caught off guard and still doesn't know why Bradford left. Either way, it's a mess and it leaves the RB room short-staffed. Should be fine if Brooks and Gray stay healthy, but man...
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    Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley on RB Tre Bradford: 'We Obviously Made a Mistake'

    LINK: Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley on RB Tre Bradford: 'We Obviously Made a Mistake'
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    Oklahoma RB ruled ineligible — big hit or nah?
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    Lincoln Riley Names his No. 3 — what happens to the others?
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    Oklahoma-Nebraska at 50: Johnny Rodgers-Greg Pruitt rivalry never ends, but has softened
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    ESPN picks three Sooners as freshman All-American
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    Poll: Does Scott Frost lasts the whole season?

    Poll: Does Scott Frost lasts the whole season?
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    This time, Oklahoma’s 5-star WR pledge has “a true sense of finality”
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    Oklahoma lands 5-star WR Brandon Inniss