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    Conference Winner?

    Three arguments in favor: 1. Riley and Grinch are gone. They got out-coached by half the Big 12 teams and only superior talent won some of those games. 2. Only Texas has talent that can match up with OU. Just look at the talent match up with Baylor and OSU last season? Neither team had more...
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    11-2 Boo Hiss !?!

    OU went downhill with Riley every year. That is a fact. Tell me this, if Riley is such a great coach, how come he couldn't even get in the championship game with Saint Caleb, a sack full of 5* receivers, one of the most productive running backs in school history, 7 players invited to post season...
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    Caleb Williams 2.0 !!!

    Just exactly what did Williams do that got you so excited about him? His stats weren't that much better than Rattler's and in a couple of games and on several occasions he looked like a true freshman. Like Riley, there is a lot of froth in his reputation. I am sure he can play the game but he...
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    Drip, Drip, Drip !!!

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    Drip, Drip, Drip !!!

    Tulane stopped the offense,
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    Drip, Drip, Drip !!!

    "Now Riley has Full Control over his Future & his Football Team!!" Uh, no. Being in SoCal, I know a lot of USC people and I have watched USC for 50 years. There is virtually no "Football Culture" in SoCal but there are some major donors. Here is Riley's best case trajectory at SC. This season...