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  1. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma's Interior Pass Rush Could be the Key to Slowing Nebraska
  2. Ryan Chapman

    Game Book: A Week of Intense Focus Pays Dividends for the Sooners
  3. Ryan Chapman

    It's official: the Big 12 is expanding

    Five years too late but oh well...
  4. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma Plans to Pare Down Defensive Rotation Moving Forward

    We talked about this a lot on the post-game podcast, but this is good news for the rest of the season in my opinion:
  5. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma's Defense Looking to Embrace the Mentality of a Lion
  6. Ryan Chapman

    September Team Recruiting Rankings: OU Slips Again

    OU is off to a fast start in 2023. But for the moment at least, they've taken a step back in the 2022 class. Updated SI All-American Team Rankings are in:
  7. Ryan Chapman

    Alex Grinch: OU's Defense Must Focus on Preparation Ahead of Opener
  8. Ryan Chapman

    Lincoln Log: Recapping Lincoln Riley's Tulane Press Conference

    This week's #LincolnLog: 🏈 Riley names starting O-line 🏈 A #Sooners reunion on Saturday 🏈 OU's vaccination levels revealed All the best from Lincoln Riley's first game week press conference of the year...
  9. Ryan Chapman

    Report: Oklahoma Running Back Tre Bradford Re-Enters the Transfer Portal

    And there it is...
  10. Ryan Chapman

    Reggie Grimes sounds ready, will he be the guy behind Isaiah Thomas this year?
  11. Ryan Chapman

    Can Cody Jackson be a surprise contributor this year?
  12. Ryan Chapman

    OU's Caleb Kelly Getting Work at Both Inside and Outside Linebacker Had heard some rumblings about this and today Jamar Cain confirmed it. The impression I got is that Kelly is doing a little bit more than just working over with the OLBs in a pinch...
  13. Ryan Chapman

    Andrew Raym: OU Offensive Line Looking to 'Bury' Opponents in 2021

    Pretty legit quotes from the potential starting center at Oklahoma:
  14. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma RB Transfers Continue to Make Progress Digesting the Offense
  15. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma Lands First 2023 Offensive Line Commitment
  16. Ryan Chapman

    Kennedy Brooks Feeling 'Comfortable' Ahead of OU Return:
  17. Ryan Chapman

    Eight Sooners Named to Senior Bowl Watch List
  18. Ryan Chapman

    OU Defensive Line Looking to Build on 2020 Success With Quality Depth
  19. Ryan Chapman

    Oklahoma and Arkansas Confirm Multi-Year Series Still to Play in Tulsa
  20. Ryan Chapman

    WATCH: OU's Austin Reaves Sinks Summer League Winner for the Lakers