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    careful what u wish for redux

    here is malich nelson'sadvisors if LR caves to the idiot sooner football podcast pundorks, and starts williams against TCU." look malichi, rattler was, 1st of all, 5-0. he won the previous 2 games with his peerless 4th quarter play, again, he was 5-0. he is completing 75% of his passes...
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    careful for what u wish for.

    i disagree with nearly everything said on this SI Oklahoma site for 6 weeks about rattler. it was the prevent and the OL. If the OL can't gash the 3 man front, a 4,75,185, QB, has no where to go. its different for a 4.57, 220, QB. williams would stay ahead of the chains, eternally. and that's...
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    ugh 3 redux

    ive been on tyreese robinson forever. i have often argued that his penalties were far more harmful to the team than bookie's. not to mention the yards he has personally cost brooks. but i have watched the game on replay, and despite being just moved to tackle, tyreese was dominant against k...
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    Sooners Natty

    what spotlight? is your keyboard 'S' dragging?
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    ugh 3

    there has never been a more embarrasing moment than the protection hayes gave spencer when he was sacked from behind. a zero effort, personified. pathetic. and the tv angle is perfect to see it. and, besides robinson failing at giving the game to k state, he cost kennedy another 100 yard game...
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    Sooners Natty

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. u get that the sooners have played their way out of a one loss invitation. the OL is pathetic. go to the sack of spencer from behind. absolutely no effort from hayes. and robinson cost kennedy a 100 yard game, again. and they were supposed to be the bell cows. its a mess...
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    Sooners Natty

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    ugh, part 2.

    here's hoping u r right
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    ugh, part 2.

    still the worst OL since 97. maybe worse. in 97, there was no hope. this line is obliterating any hope.
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    for QB recruiting.

    it would be cool if Tanner Mordecai got some shout outs by the local punditry. 11 tds in 2 games. it kind of says, come spend a couple of years with LR and learn.
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    since my grand daughter taught me to use Podcasts, due to u not being on you tube, i really enjoy getting a couple of donuts, take my babies to the dog park, and having coffee and donuts at a picnic table while my puppies romp and listen to your show. u r a little harsher than me, but your...
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    Its hard to believe that the Big B put an offensive line that bad on the field
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    OU to the SEC: How Would Oklahoma's Diamond Sports Fare if They Move East?

    i'd say softball is pretty clear cut. and gymnastics.
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    Reggie Grimes sounds ready, will he be the guy behind Isaiah Thomas this year?

    i'm saying this as a hetrosexual. grimes. demarco, and caleb kelly are pretty awesome looking guys. and great interviews.
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    Poll: Does Scott Frost lasts the whole season?

    for sure. he's a nebraska legend. a championship. he'll never be disgraced with a in season dismissal.
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    i wonder what the educational qualifications of the commishes from the pac 12, acc, and big 12 are. the very first lesson in 7th grade algebra is anything times zero, equals zero.
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    thanks. will is one of the more under rated wr's. speed and good hands
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    is the peoples kid will people's son?
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    After “perfect” ChampU BBQ, TE Luke Hasz says more elite recruits are coming

    caleb williams is partly responsible for clayton smith and mario williams. what hasz is saying goes way beyond that. i think the plan is to enter the sec as the best team. good plan. remains to be seen, but off to a good start. good on SI for employing you. your humor, your research, your all...
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    wither baylor?

    unless the 12 holds, baylor has no where to go. not anywhere that has even a infinite chance of the playoffs. k state doesn't have a lot to offer. weak tv, weak stadium, little sister of ku. t tech smells like a 20 mile wide pig farm. silo tech is 90-18 against the sooners, worst virginia is in...