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    2022 DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy Commits to OU.

    Speed D Lives on!! Boomer !!! Smiles
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    careful for what u wish for.

    Riley recruited Both Players! OU needed Both to win!! Riley will employ Both Outstanding QB’s to win the National Championship!!! Opponents beware the OU Speed D !!!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Sooners Natty

    Name any FBS team that could conceivably go 5-0 & Slide all the way from No 2 to No 6 !?! We are the Flyover State!! Now we are getting attention from ESPN & the Football World on Saturday!! Beat Texas!!!!! 38-23!! Boomer!! Smiles
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    Rattler's development

    OU / Texas is this year’s Turnaround Game for OU !! Hide & watch!! Boomer ! Smiles
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    Sooners Natty

    Texas Game will Prove that these Sooners are capable!! Everyone is Watching! Sooners will win the Turnover Battle & Spencer will shut up the Boo Birds!! ESPN is promoting the game with the Flyover State—OU !! This will vault Spencer back into the Heissman Spotlight!!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Sooners Natty

    Sooners 42 K State 19 !! Boomer!!! Smiles
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    Sooners Natty

    The Only way the Sooners make the Playoffs is by going undefeated, which I Believe they will!!! Defense will Finish near the Top 10 ! Most of the Offensive Stars from last year including Center !?! Are not here this year!! Takes a minute, but the Offense will get going!! Who better than Riley to...
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    Sooners Natty

    Sooners will win the National Title this year with Spencer as their Quarterback & Riley as the Coach!! Fans who Boo & Demand replacing the Best Quarterback in the Big 12, Need to realize OU is in a Flyover State!! ESPN will always dote on Alabama & Penn State etc, since they’re in Connecticut...
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    Rattler's development

    Remember the Cotton Bowl!!! We started Slowly but with Great Coaching finally got there!! Add this years Defense & I expect Spectacular Results!!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Thoughts after WVU game

    Rattler will Rise!! Riley did well in Choosing his next Heissman Winner !! Stop putting doubts in the Minds of Future Recruits !! You certainly are not affecting Riley or Rattler!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Rattler's development

    Two things matter !! Beat Texas!!! & Win Natty !!! 15-0 !! Rattler still wins Heissman!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Rattler's development

    Never Fear !! Rattler will come through!! He doesn’t Quarterback the Rattlers!! He performs the plays as called by the Sooners!!! Last season Stogner was the Leading Receiver first half of the Season!! After Texas, Mims took over!! We are Early!! First TD in OT of Texas Game, Spencer runs left...
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    After a “tough summer,” Lincoln Riley says freshman Jalil Farooq has delivered “a lot of bright spots”

    Jalil will Explode in the OU Offense this year!! Boomer! Smiles
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    Oklahoma WR Theo Wease Suffers Injury in Practice

    Get Better Soon!! Boomer !! Smiles
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    Oklahoma's Interior Pass Rush Could be the Key to Slowing Nebraska

    Martinez will be Sorry he met Speed D !! Boomer!! Smiles
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    Baker Mayfield talked about OU/Texas to the SEC? Oh, yes...

    Baker is Always Right!! Beat Mahoney Next Time!! Boomer !! Smiles
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    Rattler named 1st team preseason All-America

    50 TD’s this Season!! Heissman Baby !! 100 ! Boomer!!! Smiles
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    OU Defensive Line Looking to Build on 2020 Success With Quality Depth

    Best D Line Ever!! Boomer ! Smiles
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    New Oklahoma RB Eric Gray "does everything right"

    Eric will be Epic this Season!! Boomer ! Smiles
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    Oklahoma debuts at No. 2 in AP Poll:

    See you @ the End of the Season!!! Boomer! Smiles