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    Sooner QB?

    DG as a senior will start the season and thank goodness our Five Star Back up will be ready when called. The Schedule is a little easier for 23 in my opinion but I will take nothing for granted as all the teams play very capable ball. Our Running backs will be doing well with the experience and...
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    Let’s hear your thoughts after Week 1!

    We woke! We will get better. We will win. We will support our team! BOOMER1
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    Let’s hear your thoughts after Week 1!

    Lessons learned for sure from this game. Shout out to Tulane! I hope they go undefeated! Do we miss a big back that can make a one yard first down? Duh! I always thought Hall could take that ball and get the first down or find a Refrigerator somewhere on our team to punch it over! Coaching...