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  1. Tony353

    Weirdest season ever?

    Does anyone recall a stranger season than this for OUr Sooners and CFB in general? It’s like Oklahoma has truly earned the title of the “cardiac kids”. Between the closeness of games, remarkable and record-setting comebacks, the QB situation, the ups and downs on both sides of the ball…WOW...
  2. Tony353

    Patty Gasso field…kinda rings, don’t it?

    By all means. She is the reason for getting the field, bringing five OU teams to the pinnacle of success. I met her once when I worked down in Norman. Just as nice and down to earth as anyone could expect. That alone should reflect her deservedness of the stadium.
  3. Tony353

    2022 DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy Commits to OU.

    2022 DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy Wow! Now Grinch needs to go after some top notch linebackers to compliment his upcoming haul of “long” defensive backs. Its beginning to look like these next two recruiting years could put OU over the top for years to come.
  4. Tony353

    Thoughts after WVU game

    Bleary eyed From kickoff until the winning field goal, I faded between watching, listening and napping. Didn’t miss much, and pretty much stayed awake for the entire game. What I did miss was the booing and chant for Caleb. Is this what some have stooped to? Crucifying a 20 something who is...