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    good to know.

    i had not heard skyler vann's name brought up once by anyone since the end of last season. i thought she may have transferred. she was so great down the stretch last year when the women were chasing an ncaaw birth to the playoffs. clutch, time after time. she reminds me of whitney. she was...
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    thinking about the illinois/penn state game, the ncaa continues to make rules to curtail the length of OT's, and continue to foul it up worse. the solution is easy peasy, in OT, u can kick a field goal to tie, or an extra point to win. you may not kick an extra point to tie. if a team trails by...
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    careful what u wish for redux

    here is malich nelson'sadvisors if LR caves to the idiot sooner football podcast pundorks, and starts williams against TCU." look malichi, rattler was, 1st of all, 5-0. he won the previous 2 games with his peerless 4th quarter play, again, he was 5-0. he is completing 75% of his passes...
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    careful for what u wish for.

    i disagree with nearly everything said on this SI Oklahoma site for 6 weeks about rattler. it was the prevent and the OL. If the OL can't gash the 3 man front, a 4,75,185, QB, has no where to go. its different for a 4.57, 220, QB. williams would stay ahead of the chains, eternally. and that's...
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    ugh 3 redux

    ive been on tyreese robinson forever. i have often argued that his penalties were far more harmful to the team than bookie's. not to mention the yards he has personally cost brooks. but i have watched the game on replay, and despite being just moved to tackle, tyreese was dominant against k...
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    ugh 3

    there has never been a more embarrasing moment than the protection hayes gave spencer when he was sacked from behind. a zero effort, personified. pathetic. and the tv angle is perfect to see it. and, besides robinson failing at giving the game to k state, he cost kennedy another 100 yard game...
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    ugh, part 2.

    still the worst OL since 97. maybe worse. in 97, there was no hope. this line is obliterating any hope.
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    for QB recruiting.

    it would be cool if Tanner Mordecai got some shout outs by the local punditry. 11 tds in 2 games. it kind of says, come spend a couple of years with LR and learn.
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    Its hard to believe that the Big B put an offensive line that bad on the field
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    i wonder what the educational qualifications of the commishes from the pac 12, acc, and big 12 are. the very first lesson in 7th grade algebra is anything times zero, equals zero.
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    is the peoples kid will people's son?
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    wither baylor?

    unless the 12 holds, baylor has no where to go. not anywhere that has even a infinite chance of the playoffs. k state doesn't have a lot to offer. weak tv, weak stadium, little sister of ku. t tech smells like a 20 mile wide pig farm. silo tech is 90-18 against the sooners, worst virginia is in...
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    scheduling easy

    i don't get the angst over how tough it will be to make a schedule for a 16 team conference. its as hard as 2 plus 2. two 8 team divisions. play 4 two year segments of 2 teams home and away. thats a 9 game conference schedule. at the end of the 8 year cycle, everyone in one division will have...
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    2025? doubt that.

    there are two things that aren't going to happen. the Sooners won't stay until 25 and they won't pay 86 mil to leave. there will be no 12 to pay the fees to. Kansas and Worst Virginia are as good as gone now. Silo Tech could get a deal, but even if not, the 12 would have to pick up at least 4...
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    patti, the happiest?

    patti will be getting her new stadium now, for sure. except for ucla, the entire softball world will be the sec. the difference between the legend of pat summit and that of patti, nearing 1500 wins, is the obscurity of the 12. patti will get her due, now.
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    fell into it

    how did they hit it? baranczyk and moser? from the valley to the sec without ever coaching a game at ou