11-2 Boo Hiss !?!


Riley went 11-2 this Season for OU!!
Rattler was the Odds On Favorite for Heisman!!!

OU Fans Booed Rattler & He Left !!
Riley Left before the Boos Started & OU has been Criticizing him Relentlessly Since!!

The Question is Which Coach goes
11-2 in 2022 !?!
Is it Riley Or is it Venables???
Venables was booed Before & After
He Left for Clemson!!!

If Venables can get 11-2 This coming Season, OU should Worship his Abilities!!!
And yet OU Booed Riley when he was 9-0 !?!

See the Comparison???
Be Happy you Cheer for the Greatest All Time College Football Program & Enjoy this Coming Season!!!

Riley has Flipped the USC Roster in 7 Weeks!!!
Last game of the Season, USC only
Dressed 40 Players!!!
40 !!!

Riley has Rebuilt the Team to 80 Players!?!
Probably wins the Pac12 & Certainly has a Good Chance @
11-2 !!!

Don’t Waste ANY Energy Complaining about Riley!!
OU has a Tremendous Future!!
Wonderful Coaching Staff !!
Fantastic Facilities & A Rabid Fan Base !!

Beat Texas!! Boomer!!! Smiles


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OU went downhill with Riley every year. That is a fact. Tell me this, if Riley is such a great coach, how come he couldn't even get in the championship game with Saint Caleb, a sack full of 5* receivers, one of the most productive running backs in school history, 7 players invited to post season all star games and probably 8 players who will be in NFL camps this summer? You want o tell us that Baylor and OSU had better talent? LOL. Riley and Grinch got out coached in over half the games last season with OU only winning because of great plays made by superior talent.