Caleb Williams 2.0 !!!


So now, it’s Finally Happening!!!
Caleb has rejoined his Chosen Coach & can Continue on his NFL Journey!!

Read my Messages from the Last 5-6 Weeks!?!
It Seemed Obvious to me what this Conclusion would be!!!

Blame Saban for wanting to expand the SEC!!
He just denied that again just last week!!
OU & Texas we’re his Pawns to Create more Revenue in the SEC!!

Castiglione Obliged by Chasing the Money & Joining the SEC!!
Riley, left out of the Loop, Reacted the Only Reasonable Way Possible!!
He Left for More Money & Greater Control over his Future!!

Now Caleb has done the Same!
Don’t Blame the Student, although he Fully Expects you will!!
Remember when you Booed the Heisman Favorite!?!

How Difficult that must have been for Riley to Hear !!!
Caleb knew right then, the Boos would eventually be coming his way!!!

All Caleb’s Fellow Recruits will make their own Decision whether to Follow Caleb & they may well Expect to be Booed as well!!

Nil is here to Stay!!
Get Over Yourself!!!
OU will be just Fine!!
Boomer!! Smiles


Mario is gone!!
Next up…, Caleb??
Then Latrell???
Then Farooq???
How ‘bout Mims???
Class Registration is Tuesday!!!
Wow!!! Smiles


New member
Caleb just needs to step up and tell everyone where he is going instead of wallowing in the what ifs and the notoriety. Everyone knows he is going for the NIL money and Riley. I don’t blame him and wish him great success. All the Caleb hero worshippers need to pull their heads out of his butt and get back to reality. He may be great some day but only time will tell. Brady was a 199 draft pick in the sixth NFL round. He was not ‘called great’ in high school or college and look at him now. Caleb and any of the other players can be considered great if they make it to the NFL and have moderate success. I am new to this site but not to OU. My family has been season ticket holders since 1955 so I have seen the great, the good, the average, the poor, and the ugly. For me, I will be content on following the transition at OU and hoping for success and I feel strongly that we will achieve it. We just need to forget all the stuff we have no control over. Boomer Sooner.


As the Football Universe awaits the Caleb Decision!?!
All about the NiL Money!!

Riley had a Meeting Yesterday with the USC Boosters!!
What if Caleb is already enrolled On Line???
Latrell & Mario did not commit in Vacuum!!!

Caleb will not Leave his Teammates in a Bind!!
What if the Booster Meeting was about the New Football Facility??

How would that impress Caleb’s Teammates ??
Certainly his Childhood Teammate Farooq!!

OU has Harvested Greatly from the Portal, don’t think USC will slow down at all!!
OU will win the 81st Championship this Year !!! Boomer!!