Layover in LAX???


When Caleb & Family Fly to Hawaii for Vacation, don’t they have a Layover in LA ?!?
Perhaps a visit to the Coliseum??

Riley can’t Call Caleb unless he enters the Portal!
But that’s not Stopping Caleb from Touring around LA !!!
I was born 15 Minutes from USC, but I Still Cheer for OU !!!

Logically, Caleb doesn’t care about Just Any University or Football Program!!
He just Represented OU & Supported his Teammates to the Best of his Considerable Abilities!!

However, he has Remarkable Trust in Riley’s Abilities to get him to the NFL!!!
Why not take his Teammate from Youth Football, Jalil Farooq & perhaps his Top Receiver Mims with him to USC ?!?

Now if Caleb Stays @ OU, I Believe He will play for the Natty Next Year!!
However, I don’t believe he wouldn’t at least enter the Portal, then he can Speak to his Football Mentor Riley!!

He is Apparently being Flooded with Offers, which of course is illegal!!!
He could simply enroll with USC
Without a Scholarship!!!
He originally Told Riley he was willing to just Walk on @ OU, then beat out Vandergriff for the OU starting Job!!

He has already Supported his OU Teammates @ the Alamo Bowl!!
They are going to the NFL, etc !
So it Follows that Caleb will do what is Best for he & his Family!!

Don’t Hate!!
He already experienced Rattler being Booed, so he is Prepared for any Reaction!!
Time for the New Semester!!!
We will know Very Soon!!!
Boomer!!! Smiles


Good morning Smiles.

Don’t kid yourself…maybe COACHES can’t legally contact him, but that’s too easy of a rule to get around. Especially for muleshoe.

Yes, I could see him and muleshoe talking his favorite friend and best receiver into transferring. Y’know, if muleshoe pulls this off, and gets all these transfers and incoming signees on board, he is going to have one HECK of a team in 2022.

I think you’re right…whether he really transfers or not, he could enter the portal just to be able to legally talk to any interested parties. Then, just decide to stay at OU if he wants.

I’m beginning to hate this NIL and transfer portal stuff…and not just because of the potential impact it may have on the Sooners. The NCAA needs to change the rule…either go back to having to sit out a year…or put a ceiling on the amount of NIL money an athlete can gather…or better yet, make the athlete decide coming in-either NIL money or a non transfer clause.

One way or another, it’s all about business and money. I’ll say it again…it’s quickly becoming the NFL Lite.


Happy New Year!!
NFL lite !! I Like that!!
Gonna get Worse before it gets Better!!
Riley Loves Nil & Transfer Portal!!
That’s the Main Reason he took the Money!!
Unstoppable Train!! Best be driving it than standing @ the Station!!!
If Caleb stays ( 10 % ) then OU is in the Natty Conversation!!!
If he goes to USC, then they Probably turn their Record around to 8-4 ?!?
Venables will get lots of Help from the Portal!!!
Boomer!! Smiles


BV just hired Clemson D-line coach Todd Bates as co-dc. A great recruiter and motivator. I’m sensing a 1998 version 2.0 coming down the pike.

Man, he has assembled quite a young, energetic staff of outstanding recruiters and coaches.

I am soooo pumped for spring 2022. CWs decision is becoming an afterthought. The future looks bright and promising.


Yeah, but that Gabriel kid out of UCF just flipped from UCLA to OU hours after CW announced. I think CW is gone. Probably to USC. We will be fine. I’m just glad SOMETHING is happening. I haven’t appreciated being held on a string by a hotshot 20 year old looking for money. Now, finally, I’m like “go Caleb…just go”.


Now the Quarterback & Receiver Carosusel Begins Nationwide!!
Watch Mims & Mario !?!
Caleb will recruit a Handful to Follow him!!

Remember his Sooner Summit??
He & his Dad Organized a Gathering of Recruits during Covid!!
No Help from OU !!
Could Happen again!?!

OU did get a Caleb Replacement, 123rd Overall Player ???
Future is Bright for OU, but immediately we will be Reduced!!
Cannot Lose Two # 1 Quarterbacks in a Single Month!?!
Has to Hurt!!
Boomer !!! Smiles