Money Chase


SEC Chases Money!!
They added Texas & OU to gain a Bigger TV Contract!!
Coaches Chase Money!!
Riley left for USC & got $110 Million!!!
Players Chase Money!!
5 Stars pursue the Best Opportunity to get to the NFL, by choosing the Highest Profile Teams with the Best Coaching & Better Development!!
The Whole World Revolves around Money!!!
Why in the World would Caleb pass on the Chance to play in his First Bowl Game??
He gets to Practice his Passion & Gain Experience!!
He is Likely to be one the Best All-Time Quarterbacks in the NFL!!
After the Alamo Bowl, will he chase his NFL Dreams by Transfering to USC ???
Why would he tell us??
Of Course, he wouldn’t!!!
Riley cannot talk to him until he hits the Portal!!!
Someone should ask his Dad !!
This is a Family Decision!!!
Boomer!! Smiles


Sadly, you’re right Smiles. It’s always about money. I’m still going to disagree with you about Caleb though, although it may be wishful thinking on my part.


We shall soon see !!
Great Game for Bob Stoops!!!
Can you imagine the Eyeballs just to see Bob Coach again!?!
Boomer !!!! Smiles


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It is all about the money. Caleb will go to USC because of Riley but mainly because he can probably get a few million in endorsements in Cali. He is tremendous but he is going to USC where their recruiting ranking for this year varies from #59 to as high as #109 and 7 recruits committed. It will take some time for USC to jell so even as great as Caleb is, he may have some transition to deal with. Regardless, he just needs to put his big boy pants on and put this mess to bed.


He absolutely will Succeed whatever he does, but especially with Riley as his Head Coach/ NFL

He will certainly bring Several of his Fellow Recruits!! Mario,Farooq,Latrell & perhaps Mims!?!

Riley will put in a Pinball Offensive Scheme like the PAC 12 has never dreamed of!!
Will take a minute to rebuild Both Offensive & Defensive Lines !!

USC couldn’t come Close to Georgia or Alabama in the Trenches, But have a Real Chance @ the Playoffs when the 8 Team Playoff is put in place!!

Nil Money will off the Chain for Caleb in LA !!!

I was born 15 Minutes from the Coliseum, but will never Cheer for USC !!
OU will Likely make the Playoffs before USC !!!
Beat Texas!!!
Boomer !!! Smiles


It’s such yesterday’s news now…we need to move on and look to the future. My only concern is that we may have FIVE QBs all going for the same job in 2022. That probably means the third, fourth and fifth team depth chart QBs will be looking to the portal in 2022. And Arch Manning? I think OU would be a long shot, if any real chance to sign him really exists.


I agree!!
The Rich get Richer!!
OU goes from Two Top Tier Quarterbacks to a Full Stable!!

Only issue remaining is how many Receivers does Caleb take??
Beat Texas!!! Boomer!!! Smiles