Thoughts after WVU game



Bleary eyed​

From kickoff until the winning field goal, I faded between watching, listening and napping. Didn’t miss much, and pretty much stayed awake for the entire game.

What I did miss was the booing and chant for Caleb.

Is this what some have stooped to? Crucifying a 20 something who is getting little if no protection play after play? Switzer called these "fans" insignificant microbes, or termites. Come on people…actions such as these make OU look bad on national tv and probably gives some recruits pause.

Whatever the problem is, I’m sure it is a TEAM effort, and must be addressed as such. All areas, outside of kicking, need to improve. It’s not just Rattler.

Give the kid a break and understand he is still a kid in a lot of ways. Baker, Kyler and Jalen were all older and wiser when they finally started playing at the level of an upperclassman.
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Rattler will Rise!!
Riley did well in Choosing his next Heissman Winner !!
Stop putting doubts in the Minds of Future Recruits !!
You certainly are not affecting Riley or Rattler!! Boomer! Smiles



Contraire morfrayer​

Playing as Peter positive…seeing what the kid did on the last ditch, game winning, long distance drive, I think all would agree that he and the offense showed some intestinal fortitude on each and every play. What did Rattler go…7 of 8? Had they played like that the whole game, we would be having a different conversation.
Now, that said…whether it be that Bedenbaugh threatened to take every player out of this life or what, something definitely gave OU what it needed to move the ball to win the game.
Now THAT said…you mentioned CONSISTENCY. Well, hell yes, we need to play like that every game. I’m just hopeful of them getting a weekly dose of this kind of play creates a damn HABIT!