Transfer Portal


Of Course!!
Players have their Freedom as far as they want to take It!!
Supreme Court sez as much!!

If the Main Goal is to get an Education, what better way than Free Agency!!
Find out for themselves how the Real World Works!!

If a Coach can go get $100 Million Dollars, then why not the Players!!
Plenty of OU Fans have been Critical of Riley’s Decision but can you Imagine what Switzer would have done with the Transfer Portal???

Barry would check out the Trash behind the Star Recruits House just to see what Beer his Dad drinks!!
Then pretend to not want a Beer because I only drink ( fill in the blank ) !!!
What a First impression he would make on Dad that they only Drink the Same Beer !!!

Switzer would Eat Everybody’s Lunch with the Transfer Portal!!
My Biggest Concern is how Well Texas has done Recruiting & with the Portal!?!

Beat Texas!! Boomer!!! Smiles