wither baylor?

unless the 12 holds, baylor has no where to go. not anywhere that has even a infinite chance of the playoffs. k state doesn't have a lot to offer. weak tv, weak stadium, little sister of ku. t tech smells like a 20 mile wide pig farm. silo tech is 90-18 against the sooners, worst virginia is in worst virginia, and tcu has always to the casual fan, been mountain west. yet everyone except k state and baylor look to land somewhere in the championship race. and even if k state finds something, i can't even imagine what. baylor is rape u, murder u, and coverup u. they are a "ME TOO" uprising ready to happen. they have nothing if the 12 folds. just gone. sun belt , maybe. or such. nothing else. some say well deserved, but that is a value judgement.